Walter: I'm sorry.

**: Again.

Walter: It's not the same thing. But yeah, again… Giorgio was right, I should have thought twice. And Malu was right, too, I couldn't pull it through. Did I hurt anybody?

**: No. You are a lousy terrorist. In the end, you will have only managed to kill yourself.

Walter: You are mad at me.

**: I do not get mad, you know that.

Walter: You disapprove.

**: I would have tried to dissuade you, if you had seeked my opinion, which is why you did not, I suppose.

Walter: Still, you are here.

**: Of course, and I was there. Do you not remember?

Walter: No… I only remember thinking that it was not right, veering into the wall and hoping to survive.

**: Had you been wearing a seat belt, you might have.

Walter: I forgot to fasten it.

**: That is, in your language, bullshit. You were on a suicide mission.

Walter: I was. But I didn't really want to die. I thought everything would work out, somehow.

**: Well, it did not. And now you are dying, Kim, there is nothing to do about it.

Walter: I failed.

**: You aborted the mission and many are still alive because you did.

Walter: Is that why you are here, now? Because I didn't kill other people?

**: No. Only moments ago I was with Malu, who killed dozens.

Walter: Then why?

**: I am a companion to all your deeds, as long as I exist.

Walter: Without judging.

**: Indiscriminately.

Walter: But can you understand why I wanted to do it? May I explain why?

**: I can always listen, Walter, but you have drawn the line. Look at yourself. There are many reasons for what you have done and many for what you have decided not to do, but there is only one deed, which is done.

Walter: I know. I can feel it. And what now?

**: Now, you die.